Pro BMW retrograde to the intersection, refused to check drag traffic police 30 meters

ring h,
Shaoxing Keqiao Yumin Road and Yucai Road,
a BMW Z4 reverse driving,
in the face of police interrogation has suddenly accelerated through a red light,
and the traffic police forcibly dragged more than 30 meters,
the traffic police on duty on the left side of the body caused by multiple contusions,
but fortunately did not cause a serious accident.
The incident time is more than 5 points in the afternoon,
a time when the evening peak,
a is not hanging pictures of the BMW Z4 suddenly retrograde traveling to the junction crossing,
the vehicle behavior not only affect the normal traffic,
there is not a small security risk.
The police went to the first salute,
pointing out the illegal behavior,
requiring the owner to produce his driving and other certificates,
but the owners are unwilling to cooperate,
ignoring red foot throttle the police towed across the road until they stop.
Video release: OMG,
he is too rampant,
and the police on the street,
play the gangster film? Or play on the red light road

Zuckerberg is also playing live. What's wrong with the world?

ring the Silicon Valley spy old friend Zuckerberg play live playing awfully,
is still in the Facebook home page and wife live show of affection.
in the worlds top venture contest just finished TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2016,
Beam team won the championship game live.
(quietly tell you,
the spy had recommended the WaterO team won the runner up (left) two young people is the founder of Beam Beam) is an emphasis on social interaction platform game live,
when users watch the game live,
not just dry watching,
but can directly participate in the screen game.
Live together with play.
Live viewers can let the audience participate in the game by making choices,
such as determining the weapon at the next level,
or choosing which hero.
Beam also supports group games,
that is,
let the audience control some of the game characters,
we play together,
and also support voice chat,
you can play well with the players.
A key factor in these interactions is low latency,
which prevents them from wait

The biggest reason for reading books is getting rid of mediocrity

ring t reason for reading,
get rid of mediocrity - remember the wind down the next line of reading,
on Thursday morning May 12,
2016 in Xiangshui irrigation incubator Park,
3 floor conference room,
held the first phase of the big brother reading club.
Full atmosphere,
although not many people,
but the enthusiasm can not be stopped! The wind brother in a carefully prepared,
waiting for the arrival of their friends! The first thing I book friends and brother gale photo,
Xiao Bian said envy ah! (this figure highlights) before the start of the event,
the books they are interested in the selection of reading books,
the atmosphere is really good oh! Xiaobian also in the side,
secretly took a few,
the content of gold is quite high.
A formal beginning,
handsome brother wind began to speak and choose today to share books: love poems.
The friends take turns to read their own love poem,
read uncle handsome affectionate win everyones applause,
sweet sweet temperament beauty read into the heart.
The host of

Smart home global survey, these five categories will carve up 8 billion market

ring ome appliances,
can be installed at home intelligent objects simply mass.
Zhi Bian,
Kathleen Home Furnishing smart things because of its rich product category,
many brands,
widely used,
is always the eyes of consumer users in the eyes of an important class of consumer goods.
Today recommended report from the intelligent reference Jie Fu survey on global smart consumer Home Furnishing Kai overall,
intelligent Home Furnishing consumers showing three characteristics,
and these characteristics decide the intelligent Home Furnishing practitioners should also have different play.
By 2020,
the global smart Home Furnishing market will grow from 0 billion to 8 billion,
a huge potential market,
the rapid growth of many industries will bring opportunities,
such as the Home Furnishing retail industry,
insurance industry,
technology companies and so on are concerned about the intelligent Home Furnishing market.
But we still have some questions about the smart home industry: 1.
are consumers ready to

On the four kinds of wine on the table to jail never seriously.

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Please feel free to pay attention to it! Fitness gentleman says: be on guard! The four kinds of wine on the table to jail! Don't take it too seriously! The frequent encounter holiday party,
drink natural and ultimately add to the fun.
The judge reminded the public that they act 4 kinds of circumstances will bear legal responsibility.
Reporters learned that the court for compensation cases caused by multiple causes quanjiu.
After falling off a cliff dead drinking buddy and Wu Hui are friends bear Lin gang.
One day a year ago,
Lin just drank from Wu Hui's house

What did Hahaha debut

erstand? Guess you like oranges,
the legendary balloon nemesis is the way cattle face can't be blown around,
Woman who knows how to display a photo when in the face.
God! The world's great God collection,
the first to kneel.
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In the spring, these hairstyles give you a 100 return

utiful long straight hair style,
dark brown hair color is very obvious,
in the amount of exposure,
hair design,
with the upper sense of the cut,
super obvious soft,
long hair shawl,
coupled with sweater,
turned over.
This year,
LOB hair style is very popular,
shoulder length hair can just tie a small ponytail,
orange hair color,
enhance fashion sense,
the design is simple and easy to take care of.
How to wear hair,
simple and good-looking? Energetic high ponytail,
but the first choice,
with a long coat,
handsome and complete,
the ponytail roll more youthful vigor.
Lovely twist plait hair style,
this year's twist plait but again hot,
is no longer just the hairstyle of the little girl student,
the light ripe person is suitable,
the home work two not to mistake.
Double ponytail with b