Smart home global survey, these five categories will carve up 8 billion market

ring ome appliances,
can be installed at home intelligent objects simply mass.
Zhi Bian,
Kathleen Home Furnishing smart things because of its rich product category,
many brands,
widely used,
is always the eyes of consumer users in the eyes of an important class of consumer goods.
Today recommended report from the intelligent reference Jie Fu survey on global smart consumer Home Furnishing Kai overall,
intelligent Home Furnishing consumers showing three characteristics,
and these characteristics decide the intelligent Home Furnishing practitioners should also have different play.
By 2020,
the global smart Home Furnishing market will grow from 0 billion to 8 billion,
a huge potential market,
the rapid growth of many industries will bring opportunities,
such as the Home Furnishing retail industry,
insurance industry,
technology companies and so on are concerned about the intelligent Home Furnishing market.
But we still have some questions about the smart home industry: 1.
are consumers ready to